Managerial, KPI, and Periodic Reporting

In addition to the real-time reporting provided by the Transaction monitor, there are a number of reporting capabilities built into the Transaction Manager to facilitate high-level managerial dashboard and timeline reports, key process indicator (KPI) reports, and periodic reporting to see what has happened in the last hour, day, week, etc.  Reporting is key to any successful organization.  Having advanced and broad reporting capabilities means that The Link® gives you tangible facts to identify areas that could be run more efficiently


Managerial Reports

Managerial Reports (high-level, Charts) can be created for all deployed maps or any subset of maps, for any time period you specify.  All reports are “live” meaning that you can double-click on pie slices for ever more increasing detail.


Report2 Report3


Timeline Reports

Timeline reports chart the temporal distribution of transactions, warnings, and errors per deployed map.



Periodic Reports

There are a number of “Canned” reports that help to answer common questions such as: What has processed in the past hour, or day, or week, or yesterday, etc.  These reports provide quick answers to common questions and require no configuration or maintenance.



Log File Reports

In addition to high-level reports (which can be drilled-into to get to individual transaction) there are also log file reports that allow you to go straight into the log records of any deployed service.  This allows you to get detailed information for troubleshooting issues using both current and archived log files.


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