Rapid Integration Development

The Link® is a powerful and flexible integration suite.  The Link® allows add-on applications to communicate with an unlimited number of other systems such as ERP, Time and attendance, shop floor systems, and more.  The Link® supports reading and writing: tables (SQL, ODBC, OLEDB), views, delimited files, xml files, web services, web APIs, REST APIs, .NET APIs, and more.  Endlessly extensible through tight integration with Visual Studio, The Link® has the power and the flexibility to integrate to all your systems.


  • Get up to speed quickly using graphical mapping tools.

  • Use built-in transformation functions or create your own using Visual Studio:
  • Write transformations or endpoints using Visual Studio (VB.NET or C#) and target the in the UI:
  • When targeting a function, all fields are automatically sent to the function and available in code:

  • Interface elements (systems, configurations, master data, endpoints, data maps, endpoint fields, etc) are all compiled and available in your Visual Studio code immediately.
  • Easily implement API’s as part of your integration.
  • Maps deploy as lightweight Windows services.
  • Benefit from a real-time solution with real-time monitoring:


Real-time monitoring in action:

Service Monitor
Monitor deployed service maps in real-time
  • Focus on solving business problems, not monitoring, tracking, or other integration infrastructure.
  • Reduce concern around your integrations with KPI’s, transaction timelines, and other real-time reporting.TheLink6


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