Win more sales by building a competitive advantage for your software

Since 2001, Missing Link Technology has partnered with organizations to provide best in class enterprise software integration and automation solutions.  We enable your software to seamlessly and cost-effectively connect to multiple systems, ensuring that no more sales are lost due to poor or lacking integration. Partnering with Missing Link Technology gives your software a solid integration offering that adds to the value of your existing software, differentiating you from your competitors and giving you the competitive advantage.

  • Alleviate/Eliminate integration concerns for your customers and prospect.
  • Allow your organization to focus on your core skill sets; not on how to build integration solutions into unfamiliar systems.
  • Include real-time integration with your software.
  • Add deep domain knowledge of ERP and many ERP systems through partnership.
  • Feel comfortable handing off your customer’s integration concerns to a partner that is dedicated and focused only on integration and automation.
  • Support for sales, pre-sales, and marking to ensure that your partnership is leveraged to provide a competitive advantage.

Our partners tell us that their sales increase from 20% to 50% as a result of having a formal integration offering as a part of their software solution.  The best change reported is how new sales discussions and concerns are focused almost exclusively on our partners products and much less on integration concerns.  This gives our partners the ability to focus more exclusively on their product offering without spreading themselves thin by trying to accommodate integration for every new system that comes up in the sales process.  New sales come in simply because competitors continue to have a poor answer to the integration question.

Join our  list of independent software providers that have partnered with Missing Link Technology to create a competitive advantage for your software through a packaged integration offering.

(Note: These are our software partners – partners that also have an internal product offering.  To view our partners without product offerings, See Consultants.

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