Integration Solutions for Manufacturers

If you are a manufacturer or working with manufacturers to implement new systems or streamline disparate systems, Missing Link Technology can provide the support and knowledge to make you successful. Our developers work with you to design the system that best fits your specific needs.  Integration solutions are built by our team or your team or cooperatively.  By choosing a fully customizable integration solution you ensure you are ready for the future as well as today with automated connectivity for your entire manufacturing business from PLC systems to MES, to ERP, to planning and scheduling, to data warehousing, and beyond.  Stay a step ahead of your competitors by fully automating and integrating your systems.

  • Focused exclusively the needs of manufacturers since 2001.
  • Deep experience with many ERP, MES, labor data collection, planning/scheduling systems, and more.
  • Limitless extensibility means support for home-grown systems, legacy systems, cutting-edge systems, and even out-dated systems.
  • Real-time integration between all applications in your manufacturing enterprise.
  • Ability to provide any custom integration solution you need, or train  your own IT staff to build and maintain their won solution.

THE LINK® connects manufacturing enterprise software in real-time and acts as the heart system connectivity and communication for manufacturers in the US and worldwide.

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