Rapid Improvement and Development for Every Goal

To help you reach your business goals, we created The Link®, a customized integration software suite designed to support rapid development and customization based on your company’s needs. Whether you have an existing system or are needing to streamline disparate systems, don’t reinvent the wheel with every integration project or task. The Link® is your answer.


  • Get up to speed quickly using graphical mapping tools.

TheLink Designer

  • Use built-in transformation functions or create your own using Visual Studio:
  • Write transformations or endpoints using Visual Studio (VB.NET or C#) and target the in the UI:
  • When targeting a function, all fields are automatically sent to the function and available in code:


  • Easily implement API’s as part of your integration.
  • Maps deploy as Windows services
  • Benefit from a real-time solution with real-time monitoring:


  • Focus on solving business problems, not monitoring, tracking, or other integration infrastructure.
  • Reduce concern around your integrations with KPI’s, transaction timelines, and other real-time reporting.TheLink6


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